Is your marketing meeting its full potential?
In this day and age of digital advertising and social media marketing, your online representation makes the difference between a new client or one that got away. And whether it's digital or print, the biggest and best way to capture a potential customer's attention and build their excitement for your brand is through the visual. Don't fall into the trap that any old phone pictures can give your business the marketing it needs to succeed. Photos and videos can make or break your future sells. Professional branding photos and promo videos are so much more than pointing a camera and clicking a button. 

At Alejo Photo + Film, the quality of our commercial work doesn't just come from the quality of our equipment. Nor does it just come from our expertise in editing. With a degree and more than six years of experience working in graphic design, our photographer knows the in-and-outs of visual marketing. How to define your brand, present it accurately and enticingly, and how to take photos and direct videos most efficient for advertising. Headshots and exterior business photos are good and useful. But we won't stop there. Down to the smallest detail of making you a bank of your own "background" photos to use behind promotion texts, Alejo Photo + Film will consider your unique business's brand and strategy to deliver what you need to meet your goals.

Photo, Video, and Graphic Design Retainers Available for All Your Monthly and Seasonal Needs!

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Booking a Consult: You'll receive a copy of our "Guide to a Successful Branding Session" as homework to prepare for the consultation.Consultation: We'll go over your answers to our questions in the guide. We'll discuss budget and design a session custom to your business/brand. We'll decide on a date for the session and sign a contract detailing all this information.

Check-in Phone Call: Nearer to the session, we'll call you to confirm the plan and remind you of any preparation needed on your end.

Session: We'll begin with an itinerary walkthrough to put everyone involved on the same page. After getting the shots and clips that we planned, we'll review these pre-edits. If we find there's anything to add or change, we'll do some reshoots.

Receive the Edits: Depending on the complexity and volume of shots/clips, we will deliver the final products within 2-6 weeks of the session.

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